We recap the finest podcasts, bringing you the best highlights from great humor to insightful commentary.

Latest episodes

#97: Security Now (2014)
A whirlwind guide through the world of internet and computer security, Security Now is a rare beast: a tech-centered show that appeals to and can be enjoyed both by computer enthusiasts and strict pedestrian laymen. Hosted by Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, and veteran broadcaster Leo Laporte, the show addresses all kinds of security issues, both breaking news and long-standing problems, concerns, or solutions. Always informative and entertaining, it is impossible to leave Security Now without knowing much, much more about the internet than when you came in. (Description adapted from the show's website.)

#96: Uhh Yeah Dude (2014)
This is a podcast where two American Americans save America from herself. Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette round up the week's news, providing a forum for society to engage the most critical and divisive issues. Jonathan and his friend stop a street mugging. Jerry Seinfeld continues to do standup about mobile phones. A grown man's iPad is stolen, and his Instagram account is later hijacked by a young child. On Hollywood Game Night, a celebrity issues appallingly poor hints for the name 'Russell Crowe.' Domino's Pizza is a thing that continues to exist. Uhh Yeah Dude is social commentary at its finest—an unadulterated, unashamed look at real America.

#95: Giant Bombcast (2014)
What is the Giant Bombcast? Humans with knowledge may stand before us, issuing us a response as plain as their faces: "Why, person with question, it is a podcast about video games." But is it really? A man fries egg shells under the belief he is cooking egg 'whites.' A Russian shortwave station blares in the background. A corporate face outlines the parameters for defining "the most extreme." Inquiries are raised regarding drinking water from a pool that has human excrement in it. Tears are almost shed over the current absence of Syphon Filter. Australians use emails as a proxy for fighting a civil war. Jeff has decided he'd like to see Lucy. What is the most disappointing game? What does one do if their father is named Dwayne Johnson? Should we respect Super Mario Sunshine? These questions and non-questions are raised here in this block of text, but you can only hope to find resolution if you listen to this twelve-hour compilation of one of the greatest podcasts of all time: the Giant Bombcast.

Most popular episodes

#32: This American Life (26 to 50)
Here’s what This American Life is not: it’s not a news show or a talk show or a call-in show. It’s not formatted like other radio shows. Each episode has a theme, and there are a variety of productions on that theme. There are people in dramatic situations. Things happen to them. There are funny moments and emotional moments and—hopefully—moments where the people in the story say interesting, surprising things about it all. It has to be surprising. It has to be fun. (Adapted from the official This American Life about page.)

#21: Giant Bombcast (2011)
Repeatedly rated amongst the most popular gaming podcasts, the Giant Bombcast continued its fervent run in 2011 with the canny humor and free banter typical of the show. The addition of Patrick Klepek as the site’s news editor bolstered the show’s ranks in what was the Bombcast’s fourth year. The show’s steadfast quality led it to become the longest running mainstream gaming podcast, and it continues to go from strength to strength.

#S5: Ryan Davis Memorial
Ryan Davis will go down as one of the greatest podcasters in history. He was a consummate host, an exceptional humorist, and a more than upstanding individual. He chalked up eight years behind a microphone (2005-2013), three spent as a supporting member on The HotSpot, and five spent as host of the Giant Bombcast, the longest running and most popular mainstream gaming podcast. With his passing we have lost one of the most charming and talented performers in the gaming media. We take a look back at his greatest moments, from his early days on The HotSpot to his last days on the Giant Bombcast.