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#7: 1UP Yours (2007)

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1UP Yours hit its stride in 2007, its penultimate year, as a combination of old faces and new faces led to a dramatic increase in the show’s popularity. Over the year 1UP Yours became one the most downloaded gaming podcast, circulating to hundreds of thousands of listeners. Even through periods of transition, 1UP Yours remained salient with compelling discussion and tremendous humor.

The traditional 1UP Yours segments return as the cast examine the games they’ve been playing and field questions from the listeners. Garnett claims the Resident Evil franchise should be canned, and John explains how Heavenly Sword is little more than mediocre. The cast become squeamish as Garnett berates developer Mitch Gitelman, and news and other amusing moments close out the show.

The following episode has been split into two parts for your convenience. Please download both parts to have the best listening experience.

Part 1
0:06:00 – What’cha Been Playin’?
1:53:00 – Questions and threads from the message boards
3:28:00 – Four Minute Warning

Part 2
0:01:00 – Seanbaby's most hated games
0:21:00 – Discussion on multiplatform gaming
0:53:00 – An interview with Mitch Gitelman
2:18:00 – Jeff Gerstmann's termination from GameSpot
2:46:00 – News
5:05:00 – Goodbyes

1UP Yours was a production of 1up.com. All clips in this episode are the property of that party. It was produced by Andrew Pfister. This episode has been mastered at 64kbp/s, at the original audio quality of the shows available to us. The musical stings in this episode were composed by Simon Harrison.

Break My Fall – Mason Street Gangstas
Additional music came from Gran Turismo 4 Original Soundtrack and Chrono Trigger Arranged Version - The Brink of Time.

This Year is not associated with Bandcamp in any way.

Garnett Lee
Garnett Lee joined 1UP as a PC editor in 2002 after working for a time in video game retail. The flagship 1UP podcast became 1UP Yours in 2006 after it launched as a non-descript news show in late 2005. Lee quickly became both a capable host, as well as the butt of many jokes for his peers as they mused over his age and his radical opinions about video games. Lee left 1UP in 2009 and joined Shacknews where he started a podcast similar to 1UP Yours called Weekend Confirmed.

John Davison
After an already storied career in video game journalism, John Davison joined Ziff Davis in the late 90s. His tenure there saw him switching frequently between magazines, where he served as editor for Electronic Gaming Monthly and the Official PlayStation Magazine. He then took charge of Ziff Davis' 1UP.com. He was the first regular guest on 1UP Yours and is now lauded for his forward-thinking mind. Davison now manages GameSpot. He has effectively retired from podcasting.

Luke Smith
Luke Smith began his video game career as a writer for news blog Kotaku. He moved on to 1UP in 2006. He appeared on 1UP Yours immediately and was put in charge of news. Smith’s razor-like sense of humor and his aggressive and passionate tone gave him instant appeal among listeners. He led the podcast’s willingness to openly criticize developers and the industry in a manner not seen before in professional gaming podcasts. He left 1UP in 2007 to join game developer Bungie.

Shane Bettenhausen
After writing for various gaming outlets, Shane Bettenhausen began his long term as an editor for Electronic Gaming Monthly. His encyclopedic knowledge of video games and his apparent intense determination to defend Sony Computer Entertainment made him a fan favorite. Fans adored his frankness, and his continued denial of his Sony bias. He left 1UP in 2008, and after several years with Ignition Entertainment, joined Sony Computer Entertainment.

Mark MacDonald
Mark MacDonald joined 1UP after writing for a variety of other gaming publications. He began work on Electronic Gaming Monthly before being moved around Ziff Davis, finally managing GameVideos. A Japan aficionado, he handled a position as a reliever on 1UP Yours, filling in when one of the regular cast members was unavailable. He left Ziff Davis in 2007, and after a short while was hired by Japanese video game localization company 8-4 Ltd., joining former Ziff Davis employee John Riccardi.


Row A (left to right): Andrew Pfister, Bryan Intihar, Crispin Boyer, Dan Hsu
Row B: James Mielke, Jane Pinckard, Jeff Green, Jeremy Parish
Row C: Patrick Klepek, Sam Kennedy, Sean Patrick Riley, Shawn Elliott
Row D: Simon Cox, Mitch Gitelman, N'Gai Croal, Stephen Totilo


  1. Thanks for take the time and effort of doing this. Loved the glory years of 1UP. Already downloaded both parts, looking forward to listening to them.

  2. You guys are amazing! I can only imagine the time you guys put into this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. No to be an a-hole or anything. But adding some cover art and info to the ID3 Tags like you did for the first one, would make this even better.

  4. Man, what an a-hole!

  5. Pretty sure that's Larry Hryb (Major Nelson)'s picture in the second spot on the bottom row of pictures -- not Mitch Gitelman as the legend suggests.

  6. When the time comes, and it inevitably will, GFW is going to need several instalments. That show was just too damn good.

  7. Thank you so much.

  8. This is so great. I hope you do a GFW recap soon!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Yes, GFW please :) !

  11. Thank you all for the feedback. Just quickly addressing a few points:

    We forgot to tag the MP3 files, but you can find the cover above. Our apologies for that and any inconvenience caused.

    With regards to the requests for GFW Radio recaps, we do have plans to cover that show. The sudden increase in demand over the past few days will probably see a release sooner rather than later. In the mean time, keep checking the release calender on our blog for more information. Please keep the feedback coming, and if you have suggestions regarding other shows you'd like us to cover, you can reach us on Twitter or through our email (see the 'Contact' link on the sidebar).

    Thanks for listening.

  12. 1Up Yours and GFW.

    I miss listening to those guys.

  13. I have to agree with Daniel, the guy pictured in row d, column 2 looks like Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson). It is so sad that I know that.


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