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#19: The Adam Carolla Show (May 2006)

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The Adam Carolla Show’s fine run continued in May 2006, as the show’s style, characters, and personalities became cemented, and the Teresa Strasser was hired as the newsgirl. New bits were introduced, old bits were ironed out, and the staff settled in with each other (sometimes to bad—but comedic—results). Behind the three main voices was a reliably funny, entertaining, and topical show unlike any other on air.

May 2006 began with a national strike day by Hispanics, followed by Cinco de Mayo celebrations—two tailormade opportunities for Adam to share his views on Mexican workers, immigration, and foreign policy. The cast helped webmaster Billy Moses find a date for his prom, and Deaf Frat Guy’s world was shaken by a devastating event. Newsgirl Teresa Strasser clashed with producer Brusca, relief newsgirl Tracy Metro, and Adam’s sidekick Dave Dameshek, and the regulars—David Alan Grier, Frank Vincent, Big Tad, and Ozzie—made much appreciated appearances.

The following episode has been split into four parts for your convenience. Each part represents a week in the month of May. Please download all parts to have the best listening experience.


Listen to a sample of this episode.

Part 1
1:04:00 – Paul Rodriguez in studio
1:27:00 – The Jerk Report
1:42:00 – Sunset Thomas in studio
2:07:00 – Deaf Frat Guy and David Alan Grier in studio
2:34:00 – Poet Wars
2:47:00 – Webmaster Billy tries to find a date for the prom

Part 2
0:11:00 – Discussion about the ‘No Lie MRI’
0:40:30 – Christian the Comedian
0:57:00 – Poet Wars
1:01:30 – Deaf Frat Guy in studio
1:13:00 – The Jerk Report
1:23:00 – Jeff Probst in studio
1:41:00 – Frank Vincent calls in
1:49:30 – Oswaldo’s Movie Review: Mission Impossible III
2:02:00 – Webmaster Billy tries to find a date for the prom
2:17:00 – The Adam Carolla Show trivia with Mo Dameshek

Part 3
0:35:30 – Bruce Lansky calls in
0:51:30 – Teresa vs. Dave
0:55:00 – Dave’s Cheechoo-Teemu songs
1:07:30 – Oswaldo’s Movie Review: Poseidon
1:20:30 – Bill Rancic and Deaf Frat Guy in studio
1:51:30 – Christine Dolce in studio
2:03:30 – The Jerk Report
2:16:00 – Is Big Tad a father?
2:52:00 – Webmaster Billy tries to find a date for the prom
3:39:30 – The Adam Carolla Show trivia with Mo Dameshek

Part 4
0:13:30 – Poet Wars
0:26:00 – Teresa’s childhood
0:39:00 – Teresa vs. Tracy Metro
0:51:30 – A postmortem on Billy’s prom date
1:20:30 – Deaf Frat Guy in studio
1:49:30 – Oswaldo’s Movie Review: The Da Vinci Code
1:56:30 – The Jerk Report
2:23:30 – Adam’s birthday
2:41:00 – Teresa vs. Dave
3:02:30 – The Adam Carolla Show trivia with Mo Dameshek

The Adam Carolla Show was a production of KLSX Los Angeles and CBS Radio under the Free FM banner. All clips in this episode are the property of those parties. It was produced by Jim Brusca and Angie Fitzsimmons. The percentage of the original show in this episode is approximately 26% (13hrs 10min/50hrs 22min). This episode has been mastered at 32kbp/s, at the original audio quality of the shows available to us. Timestamp notes are available here.

Waitomo – Calexico
Above the Branch – Calexico
Lo-Fi Moon – Calexico
Detroit Steam – Calexico
Four Little Diamonds – Electric Light Orchestra

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Adam Carolla
Adam Carolla got his break after an accomplished but low paying career as a carpenter. Days prior to his thirtieth birthday he met Jimmy Kimmel, and in 1995 he was hired to co-host teen relationship and health advice show Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky. There he developed his public image: a witty, intelligent, and thoughtful comedian that was always right and was always baffled by idiocy of those around him. In late 2005 he left the KROQ studios to found his morning radio show at KLSX, The Adam Carolla Show, which was cancelled in February of 2009. The next day he transferred the radio show to the podcast format. His podcast continues to this day.

Dave Dameshek
Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, in 1999 Dave Dameshek arrived in Los Angeles with the hope of putting his strong writing ability to use in Hollywood. After picking up jobs at Battlebots and I'm With Busey, Dameshek met Jimmy Kimmel and was drafted to write forJimmy Kimmel Live! He also wrote for The Man Show, where he met Adam Carolla. His love of sports and the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as his sense of humor and charm, led him to the position of Carolla’s sidekick on The Adam Carolla Show in 2006. After being fired in December 2006, Dameshek went on to host a number of his own sports-focused shows across several networks, including ESPN, before starting the comedy podcast Daves of Thunder with his close friend David Feeney.

Teresa Strasser
A journalism major from New York University, Strasser won a daytime Emmy award for writing on Win Ben Stein’s Money. She also wrote on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and on TLC’s While You Were Out, a show which she eventually hosted. She also worked on numerous other shows, like Good Day New York. Strasser was one of the few cast members who survived the December 2006 cuts on The Adam Carolla Show, and she remained on as newsgirl until the show’s termination. She continued appearing on Carolla’s podcast until 2010, when she joined KABC’s morning show with Peter Tilden. She left that show in 2011.


Row A (left to right): Jimmy Brusca, Oswaldo Castillo, Jaron Ferguson,
Josh Gardner (as Deaf Frat Guy)
Row B: Paul Gilmartin (as Representative Richard Martin (R-OH), Bill Mahoney, Billy Moses, Tad Newcomb
Row C: Intern Larissa, Christian the Comedian

Special guests

Row A (left to right): Michelle “Mo” Dameshek, Christine Dolce, Stacy Gualandi, David Alan Grier
Row B: Nicole Hopkins, Tom “Shotgun” Kelly, Jimmy Kimmel, Bruce Lansky
Row C: Tracy Metro, Donny Misraje, Rob Niedermayer, Scott Niedermayer
Row D: Ray Oldhafer, Bill Rancic, Beth Ringwald, Paul Rodriguez
Row E: Jeff Ross, Sunset Thomas, Frank Vincent


  1. Love it again, please keep it up!

  2. This was awesome. I'm listening back through 2006 right now and it really helps with the mental image, being able to see what everyone looks like.


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