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#21: Giant Bombcast (2011)

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Repeatedly rated amongst the most popular gaming podcasts, the Giant Bombcast continued its fervent run in 2011 with the canny humor and free banter typical of the show. The addition of Patrick Klepek as the site’s news editor bolstered the show’s ranks in what was the Bombcast’s fourth year. The show’s steadfast quality led it to become the longest running mainstream gaming podcast, and it continues to go from strength to strength.

Of particular import is discussion of Bad Boys 2 and the upcoming Bad Boys 3. Zardoz is also considered before the cast launch into the matter of video games; Jeff discusses Skylanders and RBI Baseball, and Ryan attempts to play Skyward Sword. News follows the games discussion, and comedy, new releases, and emails round out the show.

The following episode has been split into two parts for your convenience. Please download both parts to have the best listening experience.


Listen to a sample of this episode.

Part 1
0:03:30 – Free discussion prior to What’cha Been Playin’?
0:12:00 – Talk about movies
0:35:30 – Jeff’s trip to Miami
1:00:00 – Ryan snitched on some pot smokers
1:19:00 – What’cha Been Playin’?
3:01:30 – News

Part 2
0:01:00 – Funny moments from the E3 Bombcasts
0:49:00 – Funny moments from the regular Bombcasts
1:58:30 – New releases
2:03:00 – Emails
3:08:30 – Ninten’Download X-Press!

The Giant Bombcast was a production of Whiskey Media and Giant Bomb. All clips in this episode are the property of those parties. It was produced by Ryan Davis. The percentage of the original show in this episode is approximately 7% (8hrs 9min/155hrs 29min). This episode has been mastered at 56kbp/s, below the original audio quality of the shows available to us. Compression is used to reduce file sizes. The difference in audio quality is negligible if not unrecognizable. Timestamp notes are available here.

John’s Escape/You Want Money? – Michael Kamen
He Won’t Be Joining Us – Michael Kamen
Holidae In – Chingy
The Fight – Michael Kamen
Season Four Concept Theme Song – Giant Bomb user
Gruber’s Departure – Michael Kamen
Going After John Again – Michael Kamen
Power – Kanye West

This Year is not associated with Amazon in any way.

Ryan Davis
Davis joined GameSpot in 2000 as a reviewer. During his time at the site he co-hosted On the Spot with Rich Gallup. After Gallup's departure he became a staple on The HotSpot, GameSpot’s pioneer gaming podcast, but his spell on the show lasted only a few months. He left the site a few weeks after senior editor Jeff Gerstmann's dismissal. The two began Giant Bomb and the Giant Bombcast together.

Jeff Gerstmann
Gerstmann's media career began at GameSpot in 1996. He stayed with the site during its expansion while simultaneously working his musical talents. Gerstmann made several appearances in the mainstream media, including a showing on Good Morning America. He was dismissed from GameSpot in 2007. His departure triggered a wave of resignations from the site by his close compatriots; with Ryan Davis he launched Giant Bomb, and both Vinny Caravella and Brad Shoemaker joined him shortly thereafter.

Vinny Caravella
Vinny Caravella began his career in journalism by specializing in video, initially working as a freelance producer in New York. In 2006 he joined GameSpot as a video editor and producer. After Rich Gallup left the site Caravella took over the job of hosting The HotSpot. He departed GameSpot following the exit of Gerstmann and joined Giant Bomb a week later. He has produced some of the gaming media’s best video content in the years since.

Brad Shoemaker
Shoemaker joined GameSpot as an intern in 2000. He later became a feature editor, and then an associate editor. Shoemaker was a regular on GameSpot's weekly shows, On the Spot and The HotSpot. He left GameSpot soon after Gerstmann’s departure, and after a short time as a freelancer he joined Giant Bomb.

Patrick Klepek
Patrick Klepek joined 1UP as a news editor after graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign with a Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism. He moved over to the MTV Multiplayer blog following his time at 1UP, and worked for a number of other sites including Gamespy and Gamasutra. He also wrote for G4 and the online incarnation of Electronic Gaming Monthly before joining Giant Bomb and appearing on the Bombcast in the show’s permanent fifth chair.


(Left to right): Alex Navarro, Dave Snider

Special guests

Row A (left to right): Ulf Andersson, Shane Bettenhausen, Adam Boyes,
Jenova Chen
Row B: John Drake, David Ellis, Rich Gallup, Carrie Gouskos
Row C: David Jaffe, Greg Kasavin, Mark MacDonald, Justin McElroy
Row D: Christian Nutt, Eric Pope, Jared Rea, Dan Ryckert
Row E: John Vignocchi, Gary Whitta


  1. This is awesome! Can't wait for the other years.

  2. This Year- Meaningful game discussion on the Bombcast podcast would last 2 minutes.

  3. Incredible! I listened while only taking one break for dinner.

  4. How rad is it that the bumper music is from the Die Hard soundtrack? That's perfect :D

  5. Nice work! Putting these together must have been quite task. I have enjoyed these Giant Bomb and Hotspot collections.

  6. Thanks for doing these, it really is appreciated!


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