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#27: GFW Radio (2007)

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No other gaming podcast managed to balance humor and aimless banter with serious discussion about the state of the industry and the state of the games press as well as GFW Radio did. Ostensibly a show about computer games, GFW Radio never pigeonholed itself in that niche, instead becoming a program that flowed between topics and moods, a show at the absolute top of its game whether mocking the internet’s peculiar dwellers or gravely exposing the sickly nature of gaming “journalism.” Very few—perhaps none—have been as eminent and brilliant as GFW Radio.

Storytelling defines this summary of GFW Radio’s second year. Host Jeff Green has a Lord of the Rings-themed dream; Shawn Elliott tells gaming arcade horror stories; Robert Ashley gets duped by con artists in Shanghai. Jeff Gerstmann is fired from GameSpot for refusing to buckle to pressure placed on him by advertisers, and the cast mark his ouster by wondering how their profession collapsed into such a state of disorder. Elsewhere, nerds question whether Superman produces bodily waste, and pontificate upon their desire to wed fictional rodents. A woman turns to prostitution in order to gain standing in World of Warcraft, and a hoi polloi of recluses seek out Shigeru Miyamoto on their quest to find true love. Hello and welcome to the GFW Radio podcast.

The following episode has been split into two parts for your convenience. Please download both parts to have the best listening experience.

GFW Radio was a production of All clips in this episode are the property of those parties. It was produced by Sean Molloy. The percentage of the original show in this episode is approximately 12% (7hrs 39min/62hrs 39min). This episode has been mastered at 56kbp/s, at the original audio quality of the shows available to us. Timestamp notes are available here.

Fever Dream – Iron & Wine
“Whiskey Nerd” – Shawn Elliott
Sodom, South Georgia – Iron & Wine
“Ralphie” – Shawn Elliott
“9.5 is a Great Way to Go” – Shawn Elliott
“Those Were the Glory Days” – Shawn Elliott
Off to the Races – Lana Del Rey

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Jeff Green
Jeff Green joined Ziff Davis in 1991, starting out on the publishing house's line of computer gaming magazines. He eventually became editor-in-chief of Computer Gaming World, a tremendously popular magazine in its day. It was later rebranded as Games for Windows Magazine. Green’s long tenure and dedication to his craft saw him become a popular figure among readers and listeners. As 1UP looked to build a podcast network in late 2005, Green took on hosting duties for his magazine’s podcast when it launched in January 2006. Green left the 1UP Network in 2008.

Shawn Elliott
Elliott joined the 1UP/Ziff Davis network early on, starting out at Electronic Gaming Monthly. Initially he was given low quality games to review owing to his funny and canny writing style. He later shifted over to Computer Gaming World. He made his name at CGW and particularly on GFW Radio, where he shared numerous stories and unleashed his array of comical voices. He left 1UP and Ziff Davis in 2008 to work for Irrational Games.

Darren Gladstone
Gladstone was drafted on at Computer Gaming World magazine given his expertise on the technical side. He left the magazine and the podcast at the end of 2007 after becoming a senior editor at the magazine. Gladstone went on to write for PC Gamer magazine, and then went on to work for Hewlett-Packard.

Ryan Scott
After joining Computer Gaming World magazine Ryan Scott was promptly put in charge of creating demo disks. He gradually rose up in the ranks at Ziff Davis and 1UP, ultimately becoming an executive editor, before being cut in late 2008. He promptly began work on building his own podcast network.

Sean Molloy
Sean Molloy jumped into the role of producer for GFW Radio in early 2006. Prior to the podcast, Molloy had worked on Computer Gaming World magazine. In 2008 Molloy left to work for Blizzard Entertainment.

Robert Ashley
Ashley started out as a freelancer, writing for various outlets including Electronic Gaming Monthly and Games for Windows Magazine. He became a regular on the show in late 2007. After the cancellation of the magazine, Ashley flitted between several projects, including his A Life Well Wasted podcast and the GFW Radio spin-off Out of the Game. He later formed the two-man band I Come to Shanghai.

(Left to right): Crispin Boyer, Jenn Frank

Special guests
Bill Roper


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