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#28: The Adam Carolla Show (July 2006)

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Back after a well deserved vacation, The Adam Carolla Show continued in July 2006 on the same track, with more guests and more humor. Whether complaining about society's ills, lambasting inane public service announcements, cracking wise about the topics of the day, or earnestly trying to help better the lives of his callers, Adam Carolla was always at the top of his game. Helmed by one of the greatest improvisational comics of our time, this morning radio show remains great twelve years after the fact.

July opened with Carolla making waves by hanging up on Ann Coulter mid-interview. Bemused by the positive response from the left and commentators on the internet, Carolla continued on with the show, attempting to help a meth-addicted family get into rehabilitation, and interviewing a variety of guests, including his idol Billy West. Also, Dave returned with his Jerk List, and ESPN sports guy Bill Simmons joined the show in a new segment, critiquing Con Air and Face/Off.

The following episode has been split into two parts for your convenience. Please download both parts to have the best listening experience.

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Part 1
0:30:00 – Oswaldo Movie Review: Superman Returns
0:55:30 – The Jerk List
1:06:00 – The Ann Coulter saga
1:44:30 – Chief Thunderbear in studio
2:05:00 – Billy Moses vs. Jack Silver
3:11:00 – Oswaldo Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean
3:16:00 – Basic Cable Classics: Con Air
3:33:00 – The Jerk List
4:12:00 – Mr Brightside: Meth-addicted family

Part 2
0:16:30 – Meth-addicted family saga
0:49:30 – Oswaldo Movie Review: You, Me and Dupree
1:01:00 – Memphis Monroe in studio
1:20:30 – Morgan Spurlock in studio
2:00:00 – Billy West in studio
2:25:30 – Food crisis at KLSX
2:53:30 – Jack Silver fired Webmaster Billy
3:19:30 – Reenactment
3:31:00 – The Jerk List
3:52:39 – Basic Cable Classics: Face/Off

The Adam Carolla Show was a production of KLSX Los Angeles and CBS Radio. All clips in this episode are the property of those parties. It was produced by Jimmy Brusca and Angie Fitzsimmons. The percentage of the original show in this episode is approximately 18% (8hrs 54min/48hrs 35min). This episode has been mastered at 56kbp/s, below the original audio quality of the shows available to us. Compression is used to reduce file sizes. The difference in audio quality is negligible if not unrecognizable. Timestamp notes are available here.

Fever Dream – Iron & Wine
Sodom, South Georgia – Iron & Wine
Feels Like I Just Can’t Take No More – Rockstar Games

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Adam Carolla
Adam Carolla got his break after an accomplished but low paying career as a carpenter. Days prior to his thirtieth birthday he met Jimmy Kimmel, and in 1995 he was hired to co-host teen relationship and health advice show Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky. There he developed his public image: a witty, intelligent, and thoughtful comedian that was always right and was always baffled by idiocy of those around him. In late 2005 he left the KROQ studios to found his morning radio show at KLSX, The Adam Carolla Show, which was cancelled in February of 2009. The next day he transferred the radio show to the podcast format. His podcast continues to this day.

Dave Dameshek
Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, in 1999 Dave Dameshek arrived in Los Angeles with the hope of putting his strong writing ability to use in Hollywood. After picking up jobs at Battlebots and I'm With Busey, Dameshek met Jimmy Kimmel and was drafted to write for Jimmy Kimmel Live! He also wrote for The Man Show, where he met Adam Carolla. His love of sports and the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as his sense of humor and charm, led him to the position of Carolla’s sidekick on The Adam Carolla Show in 2006. After being fired in December 2006, Dameshek went on to host a number of his own sports-focused shows across several networks, including ESPN, before starting the comedy podcast Daves of Thunder with his close friend David Feeney.

Teresa Strasser
A journalism major from New York University, Strasser won a daytime Emmy award for writing on Win Ben Stein’s Money. She also wrote on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and on TLC’s While You Were Out, a show which she eventually hosted. She also worked on numerous other shows, like Good Day New York. Strasser was one of the few cast members who survived the December 2006 cuts on The Adam Carolla Show, and she remained on as newsgirl until the show’s termination. She continued appearing on Carolla’s podcast until 2010, when she joined KABC’s morning show with Peter Tilden. She left that show in 2011.


Row A (left to right): Mike August, Bryan Bishop, Jimmy Brusca, Oswaldo Castillo,
Row B: Jaron Ferguson, Josh Gardner, Billy Moses, Tad Newcomb
Row C: Jack Silver

Special guests

Row A (left to right): Ann Coulter, Shandi Finnessey, Larry Flynt, Lisa Lampanelli
Row B: Tom Leykis, Memphis Monroe, Tariq King Flex Nasheed, Bill Simmons
Row C: Morgan Spurlock, Billy West


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