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#46: The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe (2012)

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Standing as the longest running and most successful science podcast, The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe balances informative and fresh discussion with a lighthearted, conversational rapport between its five panelists. What are numbers stations? Can neutrinos go faster than light? What's up with the ghost box? Are we living in a simulated universe? Why would a man eat another man's face? Steve, Bob, Jay, Rebecca and Evan address all these pertinent questions with aplomb. The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe is one of the most important podcasts there is, a bold confrontation of a world teeming with fanatics and frauds.

Selected timestamps
Part 1
This Day in Science begins at 0:05:00
News begins at 0:26:15
Who's That Noisy begins at 3:56:20

Part 2
Special topics begin at 0:01:00 with science in the movie Prometheus
0:36:50 - Conspiracy theory conference
1:23:15 - Sexual myths
1:57:50 - Multitasking
2:11:00 - Conciousness
Name That Logical Fallacy and Emails begin at 2:29:45
3:05:50 - Bryan Wecht
3:30:00 - Deborah Feldman
3:52:30 - Martin Rungfist
Science or Fiction begins at 4:26:10

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe was a production of The New England Skeptical Society and SGU Productions. All clips in this episode are the property of those parties. The percentage of the original show in this episode is approximately 14% (9hr 34min/67h 15m). This episode has been mastered at 48kbp/s, at the original audio quality of the shows available to us. Timestamp notes are available here.

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The End Is Near - Headboard

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Steven Novella
Dr. Steven Novella is a board certified clinical neurologist, assistant professor and Director of General Neurology at Yale University School of Medicine. He graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine. In 1996 he co-founded the Connecticut Skeptical Society with his brothers and friend Perry DeAngelis, assuming the position of President. It later became the New England Skeptical Society. In 2005, the organization started The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, which Novella hosts and produces to this day.

Bob Novella
Robert Novella co-founded the Connecticut Skeptical Society with his brother, and currently serves as Vice President of the New England Skeptical Society. From his official biography—“He has written numerous articles that are widely published in the skeptical literature and has a special interest in physics and astronomy, their abuse by pseudoscientists, and methods of self-deception.”

Jay Novella
Novella is the Marketing and Technology director of the New England Skeptical Society and a board member of the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism. He appeared on the debut episode of The Skeptics' Guide, but did not star again on the podcast until a year later when he became a regular panelist.

Rebecca Watson
Watson founded the popular Skepchick blog in 2005, describing it as “an organization dedicated to promoting skepticism and critical thinking among women around the world.” In 2006 she joined The Skeptics' Guide as a permanent panelist.

Evan Bernstein
Bernstein is the chairman of the Connecticut chapter of the New England Skeptical Society and the technical advisor for the Society’s practical field work. Bernstein works in television production. He founded many of The Skeptics' Guide’s segments, including the Skeptical Puzzle and Who’s That Noisy.

Special guests
Row A (Left to right): Joshie Berger, George Hrab, Phil Plait, James Randi
Row B: Martin Rundkvist, Richard Saunders, Seth Shostak, Brian Wecht
Row C: Deborah Feldman

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